Wellness teas for the health conscious tea drinker

Bodhi Organics is an award-winning, Australian purveyor of the finest quality, certified organic herbal teas sourced from organic tea farms here in Australia and around the world. This family-owned company was founded by Lisa Guy, a widely respected naturopath, and herbalist, author, and passionate foodie. Lisa created Bodhi Organics out of her passion for herbal medicine and her healthy obsession with herbal teas. It is Lisa’s desire to promote awareness of our local and greater community of the many exceptional health and wellbeing benefits herbal teas have to offer. Lisa is also a huge advocate for buying organic and supporting organic farming and production. She strives to help spread the word on the importance of buying organic teas (and produce) for better health – i.e., for your health and that of the whole planet.

With Lisa at the helm, Bodhi Organics is dedicated to formulating beautiful, unique, organic herbal teas that look and taste stunning. Every tea, herb and spice in the Bodhi stable has been carefully chosen for its rich therapeutic properties and fulsome flavour – Each reflects an abiding commitment to both exciting the senses and exerting substantial health and wellness benefits. Bodhi organic teas are made from the highest quality loose leaf teas.

The Bodhi wellness range consists of 12 functional teas that have been naturopathically formulated to each have different healing properties including promoting a better night’s sleep, easing anxiety, reducing inflammation, improving skin and immune health, boosting breast milk production and supporting liver detoxification and adrenal health.

If you’re not sure which Bodhi teas would best suit you, Lisa offers a fabulous online service where she personally prescribes you the perfect Bodhi teas to best suit your symptoms and to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Lisa also encourages people to make tea drinking a daily mindfulness ritual, to help them feel more grounded, calm and present. Creating a daily Bodhi tea time ritual is a gorgeous gesture of self-care. It’s a perfect way to bring mindfulness into your daily life, to help bring feelings of inner peace and wellbeing into your busy day.