Update on Covid-19

We are improving our health and safety standards in response to the threat posed by the Covid-19 virus

Cleaning Solution

We have recently hired a specialist cleaning service to improve sanitisation of our shop

  • Complex Solutions is now our primary cleaning service
  • Complex Solutions is well-established in the provision of specialist healthcare cleaning

Staff Protocols

We have implemented the following protocols for our staff

  • Required use of latex gloves
  • Optional use of surgical masks
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser (on latex gloves)
  • Mobile phones have been banned from shop floor
  • Frequent sanitisation of checkout areas
  • Frequent sanitisation of trolleys & baskets

Social Distancing

Social Distancing can help slow the spread of infectious disease

  • The Australian Department of Health recommends a distance of 1.5m between persons
  • Please do your best to maintain a distance of 1.5m between staff and other customers

Cash vs EFT (debit/credit)

We ask our customers to use EFT (debit/credit) whenever possible to minimise the exchange of cash

  • As many retailers have banned the exchange of cash, please use EFT whenever possible

Latex Gloves for Customer Use

As there is a shortage of hand sanitiser on the market, we are providing latex gloves for our customers as an option when entering our store

  • Some of our latex gloves are powdered and will leave residue on hands after use
  • Please note if you have any allergies to latex