Lewis Natural Viennas 500g

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To be frank, this is not your ordinary frank. We searched high and low for a healthy frankfurter that tasted like yesteryear and was something we felt good about serving at the next family get together. When this illusive creature could not be found, we thought it would be a shame to deprive generations to come of the pure unfettered joy of a Natural Vienna. This naturally smoked Vienna sausage is made from only the best, prime cuts of meat. Our quality free-range beef is grass fed and finished, having spent a good life roaming in lush fields and paddocks. These Viennas are made with extra care using traditional methods and naturally smoked with German Beech Wood. They are gluten free and have no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, phosphates, or any other nasties. They contain no onion or garlic and are the first Vienna in the world to be certified FODMAP Friendly. Kosher and endorsed by Coeliac Australia, that is a whole lotta yum in a simple smoked sausage.

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