Lewis Italian Sausages 500g

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Mama Mia! Our Natural Italian Sausages pack a punch of flavour. This Italian beef sausage is hand-crafted using only fresh traditional sausage-making ingredients and techniques. These sausages are made using sweet, whole fennel seeds and from premium quality grass fed beef that had a good life roaming free in lush paddocks with no hormone growth promotants. The ingredients in this Italian sausage are so carefully fine-tuned that only what is really needed for flavor goes into the sausages, making them free of gluten, MSG, fillers, preservatives, artificial colours and sulfates. Our delicate blend of herbs and spices are responsibly sourced and meet the requirements for those on a low FODMAP eating program. Looking for a natural Italian beef sausage, look no further. These delicious tasting Natural Italian Sausages will make you stand up and say BRAVO

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