Lewis Beef Salami Chub 500g

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Pasture raised beef is second to none, epically when it is mixed with local herbs and spices to produce a work of art for eyes, nose and mouth. Just say NO to the bland industrial quagmire where smallgoods are the repository of all the meat shop off-cuts. Say YES to prime cuts of meat passionately blended with a curation of herbs and spices that will make the angels sing and your mouth water. Dense texture and a light smoked finish elevate the flavour and usefulness of this Natural Beef Salami Chub to a whole other realm. Our Chub is a delight on its own, cut into cubes or laid out in slices. As an ingredient in your favorite dish or salad, our Natural Beef Salami Chub is packed with healthy, yummy protein and ready at a moment’s notice for your favorite recipe or to share with friends. Made from only the best quality grass fed, free-range beef, it is gluten free, FODMAP Friendly Certified and Kosher. This chunk of salami-love is sure to inspire new recipes and be the answer when your partner brings over friends unannounced. Natural Beef Salami Chub is gluten free and has no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, phosphates, or any other nasties. They contain no onion or garlic and is the first salami in the world to be certified FODMAP Friendly.

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